Telephone Game

The telephone game, is a fun activity that helps students practice their listening, speaking, and communication skills.


The aim of the telephone game is to practice active listening, and encourage clear and accurate speaking.


Pre-teach vocabulary, the students should be familiar with the meaning and pronunciation of all the vocabulary.


  • Flashcards to teach the vocabulary


1. The students make groups of 6-8 students
2. Explain to the students to line up starting at the front of the class and ending at the back

How to Play

1. Tell the student at the back of each row a word from the list of vocabulary (it can be the same word or different words).
2. The student at the back  whispers the sentence to the person in front of them.
3. Each participant, in turn, whispers what they heard to the next person.
4. The whispering continues until the message reaches the last person, at the front.
5. The last person whispers the word to the teacher.
6. Award points based on how quickly the teams say the word to the teacher.


  • Put large flashcards on the board at the front of the class, rather than saying the word to the teacher, the students at the front try to take the card from the board.