Language Learning Activities and Games

Here you can find various Activities and Games for teachers and parents to use to make learning languages both fun and effective. They offer engaging ways to enhance language learning for students in schools and at home. From classic memory games and creative drawing activities to dynamic gesture-based games, these tools aim to make language learning more interactive and enjoyable. The activities can be used to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, and language skills and make use of the flashcards and worksheets that can be downloaded and printed for free.

Bingo Game

Words and phrases called in the target language are marked from the bingo cards. The goal is to complete a line or a whole card.

Fruit Basket

A lively activity for young learners designed to reinforce vocabulary, enhance communication skills, and create a fun learning atmosphere.

Gesture Game

The Gesture Game, also known as Charades, is a dynamic classroom activity to review vocabulary, which works especially well for action verbs.

Guess the Word

Guess the Word is a time-tested and effective language learning game to enhance vocabulary, critical thinking, and active participation among students.

Hot Potato

A fun quick game useful for review. Students pass a ‘potato’ around the class, whoever has the potato when the time is up answers a question or makes a sentence.


Karuta is a popular Japanese card game that has been adapted for language learning purposes.


Fun and active game to practice vocabulary by drawing pictures.

Picture Dictation

Picture Dictation is a language learning activity that enhances students’ listening comprehension and vocabulary skills through drawing.

Telephone Game

The telephone game, is a fun activity that helps students practice their listening, speaking, and communication skills.

What's Missing?

What's Missing (also known as the Vanishing Flashcard Game) is a vocabulary introduction and memory game. The goal is to introduce and remember new vocabulary while practicing pronunciation.