Printable Worksheets & Games for Learning Languages

Here you can find various printable worksheets and games to make learning languages both fun and effective. These teaching materials can be used by teachers in school, for homeschooling, and for general language learning. Access our downloadable and printable worksheets for free, complemented by a selection of flashcards also available on the website.


Example of Bingo worksheet

A worksheet to play the popular bingo game. The worksheet includes a bingo grid and bingo cards including the target language vocabulary. Bingo is a fun game that kids enjoy while reviewing languages.


Example of Pictionary worksheet

This printable Pictionary worksheet includes a collection of images alongside the vocabulary words, organized by category such as animals, food, and sports. It is similar to a printable picture dictionary and can be used as a reference by learners.

Word Match

Example of Word Match worksheet

In the Word Match worksheet learners write the words next to the pictures. This worksheet is great to practice writing and to help memorize new vocabulary. It can also be used as a review or assessment tool to check students' understanding of the vocabulary learned in previous lessons.

Word Search

Example of Word Search worksheet

A word search worksheet helps language learners recognize words, enhancing vocabulary learning. Word searches are an activity that many learners enjoy. It is great for elementary and middle school students and can be used by teachers in the classroom or by parents to help children practice at home.

Writing Practice

Example of Writing Practice worksheet

A worksheet to practice writing and vocabulary. The writing practice worksheet features a set of color pictures and corresponding words to help learners improve their writing skills and handwriting. It is suitable for learners of all ages who are looking to improve their writing skills and vocabulary.