Spanish Language Learning and Teaching Resources

Examples of Spanish language teaching resources, a flashcard and worksheet
A variety of resources to help you learn or teach Spanish language including color flashcards, worksheets, picture dictionaries and quizzes. All resources are completely free to use and are great for teaching kids, young learners and other beginners.

The vocabulary cover a wide range of topics, including animals, colors, food, sports, transport and many more. 

Color flashcards can be printed in three different sizes to suit your needs, whether you're teaching in a classroom or using them for games and activities at home.

The worksheets are designed to reinforce language skills and help practice what has been learned. They include writing practice, and games such as bingo.

The picture dictionaries are a great reference tool for visual learners, and our online quiz provides a fun and interactive way to test student's knowledge.

The vocabulary in Mexican Spanish (español mexicano).
Vocabulary added by:Rachel and Rodrigo Jimenez