Korean Language Learning and Teaching Resources

Korean language example of teaching resources, a flashcard and worksheet
Free resources to learn or teach Korean language for beginners. 

Here you can find color flashcards, worksheets, word lists and quizzes for beginners, kids and early learners. All resources have Korean vocabulary written in Hangul.

The resources are great for teaching in a classroom, or using at home for teaching a second language or homeschooling.

The Korean vocabulary cover a wide range of topics, including animals, colors, food, sports, transport and many more. 

The flashcards are effective for teaching new words, and the worksheets are designed to help practice what has been learned. The worksheets include writing practice, and games such as bingo.

The word lists and picture dictionaries are great reference tools, and our online quiz provides a fun and interactive way to test student's Korean knowledge and review vocabulary.

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