Bingo Game Activity for Teaching Languages

Bingo is an interactive game that can be used effectively in foreign language classes to review vocabulary and improve language skills. This page will introduce the bingo game and how it can be used in ESL and language learning classes.


The aim of playing Bingo in a language learning class is to encourage active participation, improve vocabulary, and develop listening skills in the target language.


  • Print a Bingo worksheet for the vocabulary you need, or prepare your own worksheet 
  • Use a set of flashcards for the lesson's vocabulary to pick the works
  • Copies of the Bingo worksheet (1 for each student)



1. Give out the bingo worksheets to each student
2. Tell the students to cut out the picture cards
3. Tell the students to place the pictures on the bingo grid

How to Play

1. Explain Rules: Describe the rules of Bingo, emphasizing the goal of completing lines or the entire card.
2. Calling Words: Shuffle the flashcards and choose one, then say the word in the target language.
3. Turning over the Cards: Students listen and turn over the card of the called words on their bingo boards.
4. Winning: The first student to complete a line or the entire card shouts "Bingo!"


  • Two Lines: Players need to complete two lines to win
  • Speed Bingo: Increase the pace of calling words to make the game more challenging



Taught English as a Second Language in elementary schools, junior high schools and high Schools in Japan.