Hot Potato


Hot Potato game is a fun way to choose students to answer questions. This page will introduce the Hot Potato game and show how it can be used in ESL and language learning classes.

Materials Needed

  • A ball or other soft object to use as the "potato". The less it looks like a potato the funnier kids will find it when you call it a potato.
  • optional: Flashcards if needed for the target question
  • A CD player or timer


  1. The student should have been taught the target language previously.
  2. Demonstrate how to play

How to Play

  1. Give the "potato" to the closest student
  2. Start the CD player or timer
  3. After 5 - 10 seconds stop the CD player or say "Stop!"
  4. Whoever has the potato answers the question


  • Adjust the questions to the student's ability, try to make it so the student's can answer the questions correctly, so they will enjoy the game more
  • Avoid questions using language that the students have not been taught, it will work best using language taught in the lesson or in recent lessons