Guess the Word Activity for Teaching Languages


The  aim of this game is to create a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment, fostering language acquisition in an engaging manner.

Materials Needed

Flashcards - Flashcards may cover various themes, such as animals, objects, or everyday items.


Setting up 'Guess the Word' is simple. Choose a set of flashcards aligned with your language learning objectives. Ensure the vocabulary on the cards is suitable for the proficiency level of your students.

How to Play

Guess the Word follows the following steps:
  1. Introduce the Theme: Begin by informing students about the theme of the game, whether it's animals, objects, or any other category. This provides context for the upcoming guessing activity.
  2. Choose a Flashcard: Select a flashcard from the deck without revealing it to the students. This will be the word that the class needs to guess.
  3. Provide Hints: Commence the game by offering cryptic or challenging hints about the chosen word. Encourage students to think critically and use their existing language knowledge to make educated guesses.
  4. Progress to Easier Hints: Gradually transition to easier hints as the game unfolds. This allows students of varying proficiency levels to actively participate in the guessing process.
  5. Celebrate Correct Guesses: Acknowledge and celebrate each correct guess, fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment. Consider incorporating a point system to add an element of friendly competition.



Taught English as a Second Language in elementary schools, junior high schools and high Schools in Japan.