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Objects found around the home, including electronics, and living room, kitchen and bathroom items.

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Korean Home Flashcard Sets

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Bathroom Things

bathtub emojitoilet emojishower emojisoap emojisponge emoji

Computer Electronics

laptop emojiheadphone emojivideo game emojiprinter emojicomputer mouse emojikeyboard emojijoystick emojidesktop computer emoji


camera emojivideo camera emojitelevision emojiradio emojilaptop emojiflashlight emojimicrophone emojiheadphone emojivideo game emojiplus symbol to show more flashcards present

Everyday Electronics

camera emojitelevision emojiradio emojilaptop emojiheadphone emojitelephone emojimobile phone emojidesktop computer emoji

Home Set 1

bathtub emojibed emojidoor emojichair emojimirror emojiwindow emoji

Kitchen Things

chopsticks emojispoon emojifork and knife emoji

More Electronics

video camera emojiflashlight emojimicrophone emojiheadphone emojisatellite antenna emojilight bulb emoji

Recommended Activities

The following learning activities are good for teaching Korean Home vocabulary.