Transport words in Korean - Word List, Picture Dictionary and Vocabulary Quiz

Here you can find a word list, picture dictionary and quiz with 32 transport vocabulary words in Korean.

Transport vocabulary with land, air and sea vehicles.

The resources on this page are great for learning new Korean transport words or reviewing vocabulary. Listen to the audio to learn the vocabulary pronunciation by clicking the audio icon. The picture dictionaries are printable and can be printed using the link below.

The Korean vocabulary is written in Hangul.

For printing the vocabulary see the printable word list and picture dictionary on the worksheets page.

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Transport Word List 🚗 - Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, English Meanings and Audio Pronunciation

  • ship
  • 로켓rocket
  • 버스bus
  • 보트boat
  • 썰매sled
  • 열차train
  • 요트sailboat
  • 택시taxi
  • 트램street car
  • 페리ferry
  • 경찰차police car
  • 비행기airplane
  • 소방차fire truck
  • 스쿠터scooter
  • 스쿠터scooter
  • 우주선spaceship
  • 자건거bicycle
  • 자동차car
  • 지프카jeep
  • 캠핑밴RV
  • 쾌속선speedboat
  • 트랙터tractor
  • 경비행기light aircraft
  • 고속열차bullet train
  • 대형트럭truck
  • 레이싱차racing car
  • 모노레일monorail
  • 앰뷸랜스ambulance
  • 오토바이motorcycle
  • 증기열차steam engine
  • 케이블카cable car
  • 헬리콥더helicopter

Korean Transport Vocabulary Quiz

Interactive Korean transport vocabulary quiz for learning and reviewing Korean vocabulary. Try the quiz with all transport words, or choose a smaller collection. Choose the correct word to match the picture flashcard. At the end of the quiz you can review the answers to learn new words. Press start to begin!