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Wide variety of sport names.

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Korean Sports Flashcard Sets

For Korean Sports flashcards the following smaller flashcard sets can be printed or downloaded to PDF.

Sports in the Summer Olympics

baseball emojibasketball emojicycling emojigymnastics emojirunning emojisoccer emojitennis emojiswimming emojibadminton emojiplus symbol to show more flashcards present

Sports Popular in America

baseball emojibasketball emojisoccer emojitennis emojiswimming emojiAmerican football emojiice hockey emojigolf emoji

Sports Popular in Japan

baseball emojibasketball emojidodgeball emojigymnastics emojisoccer emojitennis emojiswimming emojivolleyball emoji

Sports Popular in the UK

cycling emojisoccer emojitennis emojiswimming emojicricket emojigolf emojirugby emojifield hockey emoji

Sports Set 1

baseball emojibasketball emojigymnastics emojirunning emojiskiing emojisoccer emojitennis emojiswimming emoji

Sports Set 2

cycling emojidodgeball emojisoccer emojibadminton emojiice hockey emojigolf emojirugby emojiping pong emoji

Sports Set 3

American football emojisurfing emojiwrestling emojisnowboarding emoji

Sports Set 4

bowling emojibullseye emojifishing emojiweightlifting emojimotor racing car emojifencing emojisailing emoji

Winter Sports

skiing emojiice hockey emojisnowboarding emojicurling emojiice skate emoji

Recommended Activities

The following learning activities are good for teaching Korean Sports vocabulary.