Numbers words in Korean - Word List, Picture Dictionary and Vocabulary Quiz

Here you can find a word list, picture dictionary and quiz with 29 numbers vocabulary words in Korean.

Numbers vocabulary up to 100.

The resources on this page are great for learning new Korean numbers words or reviewing vocabulary. Listen to the audio to learn the vocabulary pronunciation by clicking the audio icon. The picture dictionaries are printable and can be printed using the link below.

The Korean vocabulary is written in Hangul.

For printing the vocabulary see the printable word list and picture dictionary on the worksheets page.

For learning the words in the word list, try the interactive language quiz.

Numbers Word List 🔟 - Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, English Meanings and Audio Pronunciation

  • four
  • two
  • three
  • fifty
  • ten
  • zero
  • one hundred
  • 다섯five
  • 마흔forty
  • 서른thirty
  • 스물twenty
  • 아홉nine
  • 아흔ninety
  • 여덟eight
  • 여든eighty
  • 여섯six
  • 열넷fourteen
  • 열둘twelve
  • 열셋thirteen
  • 예순sixty
  • 일곱seven
  • 일흔seventy
  • 하나one
  • 열다섯fifteen
  • 열아홉nineteen
  • 열여덟eighteen
  • 열여섯sixteen
  • 열일곱seventeen
  • 열하나eleven

Korean Numbers Vocabulary Quiz

Interactive Korean numbers vocabulary quiz for learning and reviewing Korean vocabulary. Try the quiz with all numbers words, or choose a smaller collection. Choose the correct word to match the picture flashcard. At the end of the quiz you can review the answers to learn new words. Press start to begin!