Holidays & Festivals words in Korean - Vocabulary List, Picture Dictionary and Quiz

Holiday words for holidays and festivals around the world. Includes words for Christmas and Halloween.

Here you can find a vocabulary list, picture dictionary and quiz with 26 holidays & festivals words in Korean. The vocabulary is great for teaching elementary school students, middle school student or any beginner level.

Use the resources for learning new Korean holidays & festivals words or reviewing vocabulary. To listen to the audio of the vocabulary pronunciation click the audio icon.

The Korean vocabulary is written in Hangul.

The holidays & festivals words can also be filtered to show smaller word lists Christmas and Halloween.

For printing the vocabulary see the printable vocabulary list and picture dictionary on the worksheets page.

For learning the Holidays & Festivals words in Korean online, try the interactive language quiz.

Holidays & Festivals Vocabulary List with Audio Pronunciation 🎅 - Korean Vocabulary with Pictures and English Meanings

  • star
  • 거미spider
  • 귀신ghost
  • 눈꽃snowflake
  • 마녀witch
  • 박쥐bat
  • 사탕candy
  • 선물present
  • 좀비zombie
  • 천사angel
  • 촛불candle
  • 호박jack-o'-lantern
  • 거미줄spider web
  • 눈사람snowman
  • 두개골skull
  • 디왈리Diwali
  • 부활절Easter
  • 올빼미owl
  • 할로윈Halloween
  • 드라큘라Dracula
  • 성탄절트리Christmas tree
  • 크리스마스Christmas
  • 발렌타인데이Valentine's Day
  • 산타할아버지Santa Claus
  • 아버지 날Father's Day
  • 어머니 날Mother's Day

Korean Holidays & Festivals Vocabulary Quiz

Interactive Korean holidays & festivals vocabulary quiz for learning and reviewing Korean vocabulary. Try the quiz with all holidays & festivals words, or choose a smaller collection. Choose the correct word to match the picture flashcard. At the end of the quiz you can review the answers to learn new words. Press start to begin!