Feelings Word Match Worksheet (Korean)

The vocabulary matching worksheet is a great way to help students learn new words in a foreign language. Students can work independently or in pairs to match the words with the pictures. To make it more challenging, a time limit can be set or it can be made into a competition between groups. The worksheet can also be used as a review or assessment tool to check the students' understanding of the vocabulary learned in previous lessons.

Vocabulary: 걱정하다, 괜찮다, 놀랍다, 눈물을 흘리다, 당혹스럽다, 돈이 많다, 만족럽다, 멋지다, 무섭다, 미식거리다, 불만이있다, 불행하다, 사랑에 빠지다, 상처입다, 슬프다, 신난다, 아프다, 아프다, 어리둥절하다, 우울하다, 장난꾸러기같다 , 졸리다, 좋다, 피곤하다, 행복하다, 화나다

Number of vocabulary: 26