Korean Feelings Bingo Worksheet

The pictures can be cut out and placed in the boxes on the bingo grid. The teacher calls out the vocabulary words in the target language, and the students turn over the corresponding picture on their bingo grid if they have it. The student say 'Bingo!' when all the cards in a row or column are turned over. See the <a href="https://emojiflashcards.com/activities/bingo">bingo activity</a> for more details.

Vocabulary: 걱정하다, 괜찮다, 놀랍다, 눈물을 흘리다, 당혹스럽다, 돈이 많다, 만족럽다, 멋지다, 무섭다, 미식거리다, 불만이있다, 불행하다, 사랑에 빠지다, 상처입다, 슬프다, 신난다, 아프다, 아프다, 어리둥절하다, 우울하다, 장난꾸러기같다 , 졸리다, 좋다, 피곤하다, 행복하다, 화나다

Number of vocabulary: 26