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Present continuous tense verb flashcards. Can be used with the sentence “What are you doing?”
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runningsnowboardingriding a bikejugglingskiingclimbingmeditatingdoing a cartwheeltaking a selfiedancingplus symbol to show more flashcards present
All Verbs (~ing) Flashcards
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flyingrunningriding a bikewritingdrawing a picturedrinkingplaying the guitarspeaking
Present Continuous Verbs for Beginners 2 (~ing)
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riding a bikedancingplaying basketballwalkingsleepingeating
Present Continuous Verbs for Beginners (~ing)
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exchanging moneythrowing a ballcookingrowingcutting hairpainting nailslifting weightsswimmingriding a rollercoasterplus symbol to show more flashcards present
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runningsnowboardingskiingmeditatingdoing a cartwheeldancinglevitatingplaying basketballwalking
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