Gestures Printable Emoji Creator

Print Gestures emoji with the printable emoji creator. Gestures emoji can be printed in five sizes - ranging from small to full-page. The printable emojis can be used with decorations, crafts, or DIY projects. The emojis can be printed directly from the browser or downloaded to PDF. For PDF download please use the browser's save to PDF' feature, which is accessible from the the browser's print menu.

Preview: 22 Emoji

From this page you can print emoji including the following:

open hands, pinched fingers, waving hand, OK hand, thumbs up, clapping hands, person raising hand, person bowing, person gesturing OK, person gesturing NO, love-you gesture, crossed fingers, call me hand, person shrugging, thumbs down, backhand index pointing up, backhand index pointing down, backhand index pointing left, backhand index pointing right, raising hands, pinching hand, handshake