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Print Feelings emoji with the printable emoji creator. Feelings emoji can be printed in five sizes - ranging from mini to full-page. The printable emoji can be used with decorations, crafts, or DIY projects. The emoji can be printed directly from the browser or downloaded to PDF. PDFs can also be created with the browser's save to PDF' feature, which is accessible from the the browser's print menu.

Preview: 90 Emoji

From this page you can print emoji including the following:

smiling face with sunglasses, grinning face, flushed face, grinning squinting face, neutral face, crying face, face screaming in fear, hushed face, fearful face, smiling face with hearts, woozy face, hot face, pleading face, yawning face, disguised face, pouting face, smiling face with heart-eyes, slightly smiling face, face with thermometer, sleeping face, beaming face with smiling eyes, face with tears of joy, grinning face with big eyes, grinning face with smiling eyes, grinning face with sweat, smiling face with halo, smiling face with horns, winking face, smiling face with smiling eyes, face savoring food, relieved face, smirking face, expressionless face, unamused face, downcast face with sweat, pensive face, confused face, confounded face, kissing face, face blowing a kiss, kissing face with smiling eyes, kissing face with closed eyes, face with tongue, winking face with tongue, squinting face with tongue, disappointed face, worried face, angry face, persevering face, face with steam from nose, sad but relieved face, frowning face with open mouth, anguished face, weary face, sleepy face, tired face, grimacing face, loudly crying face, face with open mouth, anxious face with sweat, astonished face, knocked-out face, face without mouth, face with medical mask, slightly frowning face, upside-down face, face with rolling eyes, zipper-mouth face, money-mouth face, nerd face, thinking face, face with head-bandage, hugging face, nauseated face, rolling on the floor laughing, drooling face, sneezing face, face with raised eyebrow, star-struck, zany face, shushing face, face with symbols on mouth, face vomiting, exploding head, face with monocle, frowning face, smiling face, partying face, cold face, smiling face with tear