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Set of 90 Feelings Picture flashcards. The flashcards are designed for teaching kids and young learners at school or at home. Flashcards can be printed directly from the browser or you can download a PDF file. There are three flashcard sizes, large flashcards in A4 or letter paper sizes, and medium and small flashcards which are great for using in activities and games.

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pouting face emojismiling face with sunglasses emojigrinning squinting face emojigrinning face emojismiling face with heart-eyes emojineutral face emojicrying face emojiface screaming in fear emojiyawning face emojiplus symbol to show more flashcards present

Happy Faces

smiling face with hearts emojibeaming face with smiling eyes emojigrinning face with big eyes emojigrinning face with smiling eyes emojiwinking face emojismiling face with smiling eyes emojiface savoring food emojiface blowing a kiss emojikissing face with smiling eyes emojiplus symbol to show more flashcards present