English Flashcards

Here you can find a wide selection of free printable picture flashcards to help you learn or teach English vocabulary. The flashcards are great resource for teachers who want to enhance their classroom materials and make language learning more interactive and enjoyable for their students. They can be used for both teaching ESL and for general English lessons. 

The flashcards are easy to use and can be printed directly from your browser, or downloaded as a PDF. We offer three different sizes to choose from, so you can select the size that best fits your needs. The large flashcards are ideal for use for teaching vocabulary to large classes, while small flashcards work well for games and activities in pairs or groups.

The flashcards feature clear color pictures paired with corresponding English vocabulary words. A variety of topics, including animals, food, colors, shapes, numbers, and many more can be printed. Start exploring our collections of free printable picture flashcards by choosing from a category below.