Transport words in Japanese - Vocabulary List, Picture Dictionary and Quiz

Transportation vocabulary with cars, busses, trains and a variety or land, sea and air transport.

Here you can find a vocabulary list, picture dictionary and quiz with 32 transport words in Japanese. The vocabulary is great for teaching elementary school students, middle school student or any beginner level.

Use the resources for learning new Japanese transport words or reviewing vocabulary. To listen to the audio of the vocabulary pronunciation click the audio icon.

For printing the vocabulary see the printable vocabulary list and picture dictionary on the worksheets page.

For learning the Transport words in Japanese online, try the interactive language quiz.

Transport Vocabulary List with Audio Pronunciation 🚗 - Japanese Vocabulary with Pictures and English Meanings

  • SUVjeep
  • キックスクーターscooter
  • スクーターscooter
  • スピードボートspeedboat
  • そりsled
  • タクシーtaxi
  • トラクターtractor
  • トレーラーtruck
  • バイクmotorcycle
  • バスbus
  • パトカーpolice car
  • フェリーferry
  • ヘリコプターhelicopter
  • ボートboat
  • マイクロバスRV
  • モノレールmonorail
  • ユーフォーspaceship
  • ヨットsailboat
  • レーシングカーracing car
  • ロープウェイcable car
  • ロケットrocket
  • 小型航空機light aircraft
  • 救急車ambulance
  • 新幹線bullet train
  • 消防車fire truck
  • 自転車bicycle
  • ship
  • 蒸気機関車steam engine
  • 路面電車street car
  • car
  • 電車train
  • 飛行機airplane

Japanese Transport Vocabulary Quiz

Interactive Japanese transport vocabulary quiz for learning and reviewing Japanese vocabulary. Try the quiz with all transport words, or choose a smaller collection. Choose the correct word to match the picture flashcard. At the end of the quiz you can review the answers to learn new words. Press start to begin!