Places in a Town words in Japanese - Word List, Picture Dictionary and Vocabulary Quiz

The Japanese places in a town word list and picture dictionary have 43 vocabulary words. They are great as a reference when learning new Japanese places in a town words or reviewing vocabulary. Listen to the audio to learn the vocabulary pronunciation by clicking the audio icon. The picture dictionaries are printable and can be printed using the link below.

For printing the vocabulary see the printable picture dictionary.
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Places in a Town Word List - Japanese Vocabulary and English Meanings

43 Japanese words with pictures and audio pronunciation to learn Places in a Town in Japanese.

  • オフィスoffice
  • ガソリンスタンド gas station
  • カフェcafé
  • キャンプ場campsite
  • ゴルフコース golf course
  • コンビニconvenience store
  • サーカスcircus
  • シナゴーグsynagogue
  • スーパーsupermarket
  • スタジアムstadium
  • チャーチchurch
  • デパートdepartment store
  • トイレpublic bathroom
  • バーバーbarber shop
  • バス停bus stop
  • ビーチbeach
  • ボウリング場bowling alley
  • ホテルhotel
  • モスクmosque
  • レストランrestaurant
  • 劇場theater
  • 噴水fountain
  • 図書館library
  • Japanese castle
  • castle
  • 大学college
  • 学校school
  • house
  • 寺院temple
  • 居酒屋bar
  • 居酒屋izakaya (Japanese bar)
  • 工場factory
  • 映画館movie theater
  • 病院hospital
  • 神社shrine
  • 空港airport
  • 観覧車Ferris wheel
  • 遊園地amusement park
  • 郵便局post office
  • 銀行bank
  • train station
  • 高速道路highway

Japanese Places in a Town Vocabulary Quiz

Interactive Japanese places in a town vocabulary quiz for learning and reviewing Japanese vocabulary. Try the quiz with all places in a town words, or choose a smaller collection. Choose the correct word to match the picture flashcard. At the end of the quiz you can review the answers to learn new words. Press start to begin!