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Free printable picture flashcards to help you learn or teach Japanese vocabulary. The flashcards are great resource for teachers who want to enhance their classroom materials and make language learning more interactive and enjoyable for their students.  They are also great for parents teaching kids, and those teaching beginners to speak Japanese.
The flashcards are easy to use and can be printed directly from your browser, or downloaded as a PDF. We offer three different sizes to choose from, so you can select the size that best fits your needs. The large flashcards are ideal for use for teaching vocabulary to large classes, while small flashcards work well for games and activities in pairs or groups.  
The flashcards feature clear pictures paired with corresponding Japanese vocabulary, written in the most common way, Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji.

A variety of topics, including animals, food, colors, shapes, numbers, and many more can be printed. Start exploring our collections of free printable picture flashcards by choosing from a category below.

All Flashcard Categories

  • Adjectives

    27 flashcards
    Adjectives flashcards in Japanese for describing nouns.
  • Animals

    89 flashcards
    A wide range of animals names, including wild animals, animals common as pets, animals that can be seen at the zoo and sea animals.
  • Clothes

    35 flashcards
    Wide variety of clothes flashcards in Japanese, from summer to winter clothes.
  • Colors

    11 flashcards
    Essential colors flashcards in Japanese for beginner language learners.
  • Countries

    207 flashcards
    Country names flashcards in Japanese with country flag pictures.
  • Daily Routine

    9 flashcards
    Verbs to use for describing daily routines. Verbs are written in the simple present tense.
  • Family

    13 flashcards
    Family and relatives flashcards.
  • Feelings

    16 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for teaching how to describe feelings and emotions.
  • Food & Drinks

    96 flashcards
    Various food flashcards in Japanese including fruits, vegetables, meals, deserts, snacks and drinks.
  • Hobbies

    36 flashcards
    Hobbies flashcards in Japanese for describing what people do for fun and in their free time.
  • Holidays & Festivals

    35 flashcards
    Holiday flashcards in Japanese for holidays and festivals around the world. Includes flashcards in Japanese for Christmas and Halloween.
  • Home

    60 flashcards
    Objects found around the home, including electronics, and living room, kitchen and bathroom items.
  • Jobs

    34 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for jobs & occupations.
  • Months

    12 flashcards
    Months flashcards in Japanese from January to Febuary.
  • Musical Instruments

    9 flashcards
    Popular musical instruments flashcards in Japanese.
  • Nature

    35 flashcards
    Nature flashcards in Japanese for describing the environment, countryside, plants and flowers.
  • Numbers

    29 flashcards
    Numbers flashcards in Japanese up to 100.
  • Parts of the Body

    15 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for parts of the body and face.
  • Places in a Town

    45 flashcards
    Places & buildings in a town flashcards in Japanese. Can be used with asking and giving directions.
  • School Things

    31 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for talking about things that can be found in classrooms and schools.
  • Seasons

    54 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for talking about the seasons, including word collections for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
  • Shapes

    7 flashcards
    Basic shapes flashcards in Japanese for beginner learners.
  • Sports

    37 flashcards
    Wide variety of sport names.
  • Time

    24 flashcards
    Time flashcards in Japanese for telling the time, taking about routines and making plans.
  • Transport

    32 flashcards
    Transport flashcards in Japanese with land, air and sea vehicles.
  • Verbs (~ing)

    42 flashcards
    Present continuous tense verbs. Can be used to describe actions.
  • Weather

    12 flashcards
    Flashcards in Japanese for describing the weather and understanding the weather forecast.