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Set of 35 Italian School Things free picture flashcards.

Flashcards in Italian for talking about things that can be found in classrooms and schools. Including musical instruments.

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Italian School Things Flashcard Sets

For Italian School Things flashcards the following smaller flashcard sets can be printed or downloaded to PDF.

School Things for Beginners

straight ruler emojigreen book emojiledger emojimantelpiece clock emojipen emojipencil emojicrayon emojibackpack emoji

Science and Math

microscope emojitelescope emojitest tube emojipetri dish emojicompass emojiabacus emojimagnet emojilab coat emojigoggles emoji


straight ruler emojigreen book emojiledger emojipen emojipencil emojicrayon emojiscissors emojipaintbrush emojipaperclip emoji

Things Found in a School

loudspeaker emojimicroscope emojimantelpiece clock emojidesktop computer emojiframed picture emojiwastebasket emojiold key emojioptical disk emojispiral calendar emojiplus symbol to show more flashcards present

Recommended Activities

The following learning activities are good for teaching Italian School Things vocabulary.