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Printable worksheets and games to learn School Things vocabulary in English. The color printables include Bingo, Picture Dictionary, Vocabulary List, Word Match and Writing Practice, and are all free to print and use. The printables are great for using for activities in schools, at home or for homeschooling. See below to choose a worksheet to teach or study School Things in English, or choose a smaller set of vocabulary for the worksheet by choosing a collection.

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Choose from a collection for school things worksheets with fewer vocabulary.

The following collections may be available from the above worksheets page depending on the number of vocabulary.

For these collections, please choose the worksheet, then use the collection filter to choose the collection.

School Things for Beginners
(ruler, book, notebook, clock, pen, pencil, crayon, bag)
Science and Math
(microscope, telescope, test tube, petri dish, compass, abacus, magnet, lab coat, safety goggles, triangle ruler)
(ruler, book, notebook, pen, pencil, crayon, scissors, paint brush, paper clip, triangle ruler, ...)
Things Found in a School
(megaphone, microscope, clock, computer, picture, waste paper basket, key, CD, calendar, bag)