English Places in a Town Writing Practice Worksheet

The writing practice worksheet features a set of pictures and corresponding words to help learners improve their writing skills. Each picture represents a different vocabulary word, and the word is written next to the picture. This exercise is suitable for learners of all ages and proficiency levels who are looking to improve their writing skills and expand their vocabulary.

Vocabulary: airport, bank, barber's, beach, bowling alley, bus stop, café, campsite, cash machine, castle, church, cinema, circus, convenience store, department store, factory, Ferris wheel, fountain, golf course, hospital, hotel, house, izakaya (Japanese bar), Japanese castle, library, mosque, motorway, office, petrol station, post office, pub, public toilet, restaurant, school, shrine, stadium, supermarket, synagogue, temple, theatre, theme park, train station, university

Number of vocabulary: 43