English Places in a Town Bingo Worksheet

The pictures can be cut out and placed in the boxes on the bingo grid. The teacher calls out the vocabulary words in the target language, and the students turn over the corresponding picture on their bingo grid if they have it. The student say 'Bingo!' when all the cards in a row or column are turned over.

Vocabulary: airport, bank, barber's, beach, bowling alley, bus stop, café, campsite, cash machine, castle, church, cinema, circus, convenience store, department store, factory, Ferris wheel, fountain, golf course, hospital, hotel, house, izakaya (Japanese bar), Japanese castle, library, mosque, motorway, office, petrol station, post office, pub, public toilet, restaurant, school, shrine, stadium, supermarket, synagogue, temple, theatre, theme park, train station, university

Number of vocabulary: 43