English Feelings Picture Dictionary Worksheet

A printable picture dictionary is a useful tool for language learners of all levels, as it provides a visual aid to help identify and remember vocabulary words. This printable picture dictionary includes a collection of images alongside their corresponding vocabulary words, organized by category such as animals, food, and sports. The picture dictionary can be used as a reference guide for studying vocabulary, as a supplement to a language course, or can be use in fun activities for young learners.

Vocabulary: angelic, angry, annoyed, cold, content, cool, embarrased, excited, exhausted, feeling down, fine, furious, grumpy, happy, hot, hungry, in love, in tears, injured, meh, nauseous, ok, puzzled, rich, sad, scared, shocked, sick, sleepy, sleepy, star struck, surprised, suspicious, unhappy, worried

Number of vocabulary: 35